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Natur Pur

Interactive playground for local museum

Year: 2020

Topics: UX/UI-Design, Development

Client: Museum Natur Pur

01 the context

The 'Natur Pur' project was part of my final exam of my three year vocational training as a media designer. The task was to build a new website for the museum. As Input we got the museum's logo, text we should display unmodified and a selection of photographic material that we were allowed to edit in any way we wanted to.
As an additional task we should develop an interactive map for the area of the museum.

02 approach

I had a strong vision for the museum with warm and welcoming images and a palette of green colors that represents the connection to nature.
With rounded edges and organic shapes I wanted the user to have a unique experience within the whole website. Having a very strong connection to the environment of the forest and experiencing pure nature online.
For the map I developed an interactive and clickable playground on a separate site. I decided to implement the whole map on an extra site so that the user can fully dive into the world of the museum.

03 the outcome

The website got 94/100 points and my mom liked it, too.

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